Kreig Peterson, Your Massage Therapist!
In-Touch Medical Massage is your place
for a nurturing and therapeutic massage in
Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Formerly Golden Aspen Massage Therapy

Under New Ownership

Golden Aspen Massage Therapy is now In-Touch Medical Massage and is under new ownership by Kreig Peterson.

I look forward to working with you. I endeavour to make your massage experience as pleasant, nurturing and therapeutic as possible. You Don't Have to Live With the Pain!

To learn more about Kreig Peterson and the modalities of therapy offered, make sure to read my biography and thoughts on massage therapy on my Contacts page.

Modalities Practiced

I am the only nationally certified medical massage therapist In Los Alamos, who has advanced training in Anatomy, Kinesiology, Postural reintegration, Myo-fascial trigger point therapies, and Sports stretching and Therapeutic massage. Read more about the modalities practiced on the Services page.

Potential benefits of massage

  • Massage, by offering a sustained, intentional, caring form of tactile stimulation, is one of the best ways to impart emotional reassurance.
  • Massage helps restore calm and balance.
  • Massage can relieve painful muscle tension that can sap your energy.
  • Massage improves circulation and rids the body of metabolic waste products that can make you feel tired and sore.
  • Massage improves appearance and increases healthy functioning of your skin.
  • Movement, muscular contraction and massage therapy are the ways lymph fluid is most effectively moved throughout the body because the lymph system has no pump of its own.
  • Massage can help you get back “in touch” with your body. This is especially true after a surgery or other traumatic body/mind experience.
  • Massage aids in recovery from work out or muscle soreness.
  • Massage feels good!