Modalities Practiced

Myofascial release- fascia is the connective tissue that runs throughout the entire body. Each muscle travels within its own fascial sack which allows muscles to slide over or under one another in different directions. Fascia will often form an adhesion to the muscles above or below which in turn drags other structures with it causing a great deal of pain. Myofascial release often restores functionality in the affected region.

Myofascial trigger point release- Trigger points can develop virtually anywhere in the body. They have been mapped out over decades by Dr Janet Travell and Dr David Simmons. Trigger points are often referred to as knots in the muscle. They can cause headaches, numbness, weakness and a great deal of pain. Trigger points are often the cause of extremely painful muscle spasms and can be debilitating.

MyoSkeletal alignment- Certified myoskeletal therapists cannot perform adjustments but they can do deep tendon and ligament releases that cause the body to realign on its own. MyoSkeletal alignment is a very powerful form of treatment that results in dramatic healing.

Neuromuscular therapy- This form of therapeutic treatment restores the normal range of motion often lost in today's society.

IASTM- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization utilizes specific high grade surgical steel tools to gently lift and separate painful adhesions virtually anywhere in the body. IASTM is extremely effective in treating Plantar Fasciitis, often with only a few treatments.

Deep Tissue Massage- Deep Tissue massage if done properly can result in the release of chronically hypertonic muscles. 

Asian cupping therapy- Cupping therapy was made famous with its Olympic debut when it was performed on Michael Phelps and other athletes. Cupping therapy is used to accomplish deep fascial release and can also help with respiratory illnesses.

Muscle Flossing- Muscle flossing was developed by Kelly Starett, Dpt Muscle flossing utilizes elastic bands to create a compressive force on painful knees elbows and ankles. The client then moves through various motions while under compression to break up deep fascial adhesions, eliminating pain.

Swedish Massage- Swedish Massage utilizes many different forms of massage to reduce stress and create deep relaxation and calm. The client receives long connecting massage strokes that detoxify the body.

Hot stone Massage-  hot stones   massage out tight, sore muscles. Hot stones are a favorite among clients as they are powerful effective and feel fantastic.