Modalities Practiced

Myofascial release,myofascial trigger point therapy, IASTM, Cupping therapy, Myoskeletal alignment, Neuromuscular therapy, Swedish massage techniques, sports massage, Hot stone therapy and muscle flossing,

Medical Massage Therapy

A Nationally certified medical massage therapist has advanced training in Anatomy, Kinesiology, Postural reintegration, Myofascial trigger point therapies, and Sports stretching.

The Therapist will massage the client’s soft tissues and look for imbalances caused from hyper tonicity (tightly contracted muscles) and hypo tonicity (Muscles that are abnormally slack causing imbalances in surrounding muscles.

The medical massage therapist alleviates stress and improves circulation. Proper circulation of Blood and lymph carry nourishment to the cells in your body and eliminate waste from your tissues. Massage helps to create a more thorough detoxification.

The medical massage therapist can help improve posture and coordination that will decrease pain and inflammation. Massage can restore suppleness and strength, improving overall muscle function. It’s the ideal treatment for releasing tension and eliminating muscle spasms.

Medical massage deactivates Myofascial trigger points. Trigger points are areas of high neurological activity, which refer pain to other parts of the body. Research has shown that trigger points may be responsible for as much as 74% of everyday pain.

Medical Massage also helps  prevent future chronic pain conditions by effectively dealing with the cause of the problem and eliminating it. scientific literature has shown  over 80% of  pain  comes from soft tissue injuries ; over 74% is directly attributed to trigger points. Overall medical massage achieves results and is a substantial cost savings to the client, employer and society.

Medical Massage is cost effective by assisting the client towards quicker recovery from acute headaches, neck and back pain. In addition, aids skeletal imbalances and muscular strains and sprains, allowing the client  to return to normal productive life. Medical Massage Therapists are also trained to instruct the client in self-care techniques that can keep chronic pain from reoccuring.

Kreig Peterson graduated from Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute in July 2011 and completed his training in Medical Massage in February of 2012. He achieved his Board Certification in Massage and Bodywork shortly thereafter. 

Senior Clients

Kreig also has extensive training with geriatric clients and fully understands the specific needs that senior clients require. 

Relaxation Massage

If you simply need a relaxing stress relieving massage, Kreig  can deliver with strong complete strokes that achieve maximum relaxation. Hot Stone therapy is included at no extra cost.